Mzansi’s best loved on-the-go meal is super quick and easy. Delicious ready-to-eat pap on the outside with tasty sauce inside.

They are Africa’s home-grown ready-to-eat meal. Simply heat and eat, anytime and anywhere.

Pap on the outside with tasty sauce inside. Chilli Soya PapStix

How are PapStix different?


Pap yama papa!

PapStix are more than just a convenience snack, they are a meal! We use traditional Mzansi ingredients and flavours based on traditional African food culture. Ingredients like maize, tomatoes, onions, garlic, chilli, paprika, soya, chia seeds, which are supplied by local sources, boosting the local agricultural economy.


Quality standards

Our hygienic factory and process is designed to be FSSC 22000 accredited. Our factory is Food Safety Assessment (FSA) and Halaal accredited through independent auditors. Quality assurance is undertaken by our food technicians who strive to achieve the highest national food safety standards.


Customization possible

PapStix are able to be tailored for large ongoing orders to suit a customer’s preference in many ways. We can tailor the following aspects:

  1. Size of each unit
  2. Flavour
  3. Nutritional content
  4. Added vitamins & minerals (fortification)
  5. Type of maize meal
  6. Shelf life
We enable local agriculture
Subsistence farming has many challenges. Distribution and scale are two of these. The distance to market often prohibits small-scale farmers from accessing profitable markets. However, with PapStix, we are able to develop factories in rural and remote locations thereby utilizing subsistence farmer’s produce.
Spices in papstix

Traditional flavours

At PapStix, we have developed three traditional flavours:

  1. BBQ Carrot
  2. Chilli Soya (Beef Flavoured)
  3. Tomato & Onion

Additional flavours are in development and could include: Soya Chicken, Peanut Butter & Syrup, and Chocolate.

Because they are delicious hot or cold and come in a variety of flavours, they are ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Tomato and Onion PapStix
BBQ Carrot Papstix
Pap on the outside with tasty sauce inside. Chilli Soya PapStix

We serve many markets

Spaza shop owner

Informal sector

South Africa’s informal business sector is thriving. PapStix are perfectly suited for informal traders within this market. Spaza shops and lunch vendors can add PapStix to their product offering.


The Public Sector

PapStix provide a substantial meal that is quick, easy, tasty and nutritious. Ideal for staff in large numbers, such as those in hospitals, police force, prisons and the military.

Construction workers

Private sector

Physical labour requires substantial energy and PapStix can provide that energy in any location, in a mine, on a construction site, farm, fishing vessel or in a vehicle. The convenience and ease of eating PapStix make it the perfect meal for all staff.

Lady heating PapStix on a fire stove

Disaster Relief or Aid

PapStix do not require refrigeration and given the nutritional value, substance, ease of transportation and storage, PapStix are an appropriate socio-economic option for feeding programmes; providing an instant solution to rural and disaster areas, as well as meeting the needs of food insecure populations.

School kids PapStix

Feeding Schemes

Growing children require essential nutrition to learn, grow and develop into the next generation of adults.

PapStix are the ideal lunch-box meal, with no need for heating, utensils or a plate, PapStix can be eaten anywhere by anyone. Quick, easy, neat and satisfying.

Cape Town stadium

Public Events

The convenience and hygiene of PapStix allows for the feeding of large crowds of people efficiently. At such events catering becomes simplified, and convenient with PapStix. Perfect for sports events, religious gatherings, music festivals, concerts and election campaigns.

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